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Meet Angie Tanner – not just a seasoned Realtor with two decades of experience, but also a former educator deeply rooted in the world of education. Her brainchild, Teachers' Home Benefits, isn't just a program; it's a heartfelt initiative born out of Angie's commitment to supporting teachers.

Angie understands the daily struggles faced by educators, not just in the classroom but also in finding affordable and convenient housing. She noticed the challenges teachers encounter, from grueling commutes to subpar living conditions due to high living costs. And so, in 2020, fueled by her desire to make a difference, Angie set out on a mission.

For the past three years, Angie has personally contributed 0.5% of her commission to help teachers with down payments and other financial needs, totaling an impressive $138,000. Her team goes beyond, uncovering grants and discounts tailored to teachers' unique needs, making home ownership dreams a reality. Angie's deep understanding of the local real estate market makes her not only a valuable ally for teachers looking to buy a home but also an indispensable resource for sellers navigating the competitive landscape.

Teachers' Home Benefits is more than a program; it's Angie Tanner's way of leaving a meaningful impact on educators' lives. Her vast experience and genuine passion make her a true champion for teachers in the real estate world.



We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and performance throughout every step of the process.


We passionately committed to providing professional counsel to teachers with a dedication akin to that of an educator, ensuring that their real estate journey is both informed and successful.


We wholehearted commit to being a strong and unwavering advocate for educators throughout every phase of the home buying or selling process.


We constantly strive to enhance our skills, knowledge, and services so we can better serve our teachers and contribute positively to our community.