Everything is Negotiable.

Rich and Emily were on a quest for their dream home. They desired a life in an established neighborhood and found their ideal house in Burke, guided by their astute realtor, Angie Tanner. However, this charming, older home needed significant repairs: the deck, chimney, and electrical panel all required attention.

Angie, known for her negotiation skills, saw this not as a setback but as an opportunity. She engaged in rigorous negotiations with the sellers, highlighting the extent and urgency of the repairs. Her expertise and determination shone through as she effectively communicated the costs and necessity of these improvements.

Her efforts were triumphant. Angie secured an impressive $27,000 from the sellers for the repairs. This allowed Rich and Emily to transform the house into a safe and inviting home. The deck was revitalized into a space for relaxation, the chimney was repaired for cozy fires, and the electrical panel was upgraded for efficiency and safety.

Rich and Emily's dream was realized thanks to Angie's dedication and expertise. They now enjoy their rejuvenated home in the serene neighborhood of Burke, grateful for the day they met Angie Tanner. Her negotiation skills not only found them a house but a home, embodying the power of perseverance and the importance of expert guidance in turning challenges into cherished realities.

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